Five principles for outdoor equipment purchase: don't spend any more money.

Many people will start outdoors to buy a set of equipment for themselves, but because outdoor equipment has a certain degree of professionalism, most new donkeys will be a bit confused when choosing to buy, here are five principles to grasp when buying equipment, so that you can have a clear idea when choosing to buy.

Don't expect an equipment to cope with multiple environments. Wear lightweight outdoor running shoes to do many days of weight traveling, so even if the more expensive brand can not guarantee quality, shoes will soon wear out, go hiking, you have to choose professional walking shoes, the same reason, choose any equipment must bear in mind the exclusive use of special, professional specialization.

Buy good equipment, save money for changing equipment. Since you've chosen outdoor sports, you can't afford to be careless about equipment. Buying the best equipment you can afford is cheaper than simply buying equipment and constantly eliminating upgrades. Good equipment technology content is also high, which directly affects your outdoor comfort level, so do not deal with your equipment.

Other people's equipment is not necessarily suitable for you because everyone's physical strength, body shape, exercise habits are different, so other people's equipment recommendations can only be used as a reference, the most important thing is to choose suitable equipment for your own. Take a backpack to play an analogy, watching others carry 85L's bag, may feel cool and handsome. But if you're physically average, and you're mainly on short-distance routes, it's obvious that the lightweight series of casual backpacks are better for you. Looking at the climbing shoes others wear may feel good, but it doesn't fit your foot shape, you have to try it on yourself. In short, it is the best equipment that suits itself.

Try to use lightweight equipment to save energy. In fact, everyone likes lightweight equipment and minimise the importance of carrying them. However, as the weight of equipment decreases, its requirements for material selection and design improvement will inevitably rise, followed by the price increase. Take the tent as an example, the same structure and performance of the tent, weight reduced by several hundred grams, may increase the price of thousands of dollars, other equipment is the same, as to how to choose, it depends on their own considerations.

There is no need to be obsessed with big foreign brands. International well-known outdoor brand is good, but if you are only a new person, just started to participate in some lightweight outdoor activities, many domestic brands have been able to meet your needs, these domestic equipment also has a certain amount of technology, can provide protection for basic outdoor activities, so on Enough, after all, we should consider the cost performance when buying.