These techniques for decontamination of umbrellas are actually practical.

Why can't you wash the dirt on the umbrella? Here are some tips for cleaning the umbrella. Here's how to wash the dirt on the umbrella. If there are stains on the umbrella, wash it with half vinegar and half water solution. So the dirt on the umbrella can be easily settled.

After parachute and silk umbrella splashed with mud, it is to be opened and dried, then washed with soft brush and alcohol solution. Dark cloth umbrellas should be washed with brush dipped in strong tea or Ivy Tea, and colored cloth umbrellas with ammonia to keep their original color. Do not wash your umbrella with gasoline, kerosene, acetone and other organic solvents.

Tools / raw water, white vinegar and detergent.

1, cleaning umbrellas.

If not necessary, do not clean the umbrella. Sunshade umbrella, because no matter how good the method, will be the umbrella's ultraviolet protection function weakened, must clean, it is best to wash the surface of the umbrella with clean water, try not to get water on the umbrella rack, to avoid the umbrella rack rust. In fact, the best way is not to buy a light umbrella, so that you don't have to pay for it. And the dark umbrella's anti UV function is better than light umbrella.

2. Production of sunshade cleaning liquid

Make a cleaning solution for sunshade. Cleaning solution as long as white vinegar and detergent can be, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of non-alkali detergent. Prepare a disposable paper cup. When the material is ready, the work will start immediately. First of all, the detergent is on the market, the detergent into a disposable paper cup, as long as the detergent has not been the bottom of the cup on it. Next is white vinegar, pour half a cup of white vinegar into the cup. Remember that it is half a cup, and the remaining half will be filled with warm water of about 40 degrees. Pour 40 degrees of warm water into the cup, warm water is for white vinegar and detergent service, with warm water they can be fully integrated, more powerful. To make the detergent good, we can use the brush to dip the scrubbing liquid to wipe the sunshade.