What kind of umbrella is good for sunscreen?

What kind of umbrella has good sunscreen effect?

1, silver coated fabric

The silver tape fabric not only has good UV protection effect, but also has relatively low price. When using, pay attention to the silver gel coating do not rain, rain will damage the umbrella coating, reduce sunscreen effect. When you use an umbrella for a long period of time, the silver coating will age and blacken. Sometimes you can find a strip of marks on the coating, because the dry weather coating shrinks and you need to replace a new umbrella to ensure sun protection.

2, two new fabrics

TC yarn dyed fabric is a new type of fabric that can be washed without affecting the sun protection effect. The transmittance is not high, and ultraviolet rays at 380, 300 and 220 nm can be completely blocked. Ultraviolet 250 - 400 nanoscale is most likely to cause sunburn and dry skin and hair. There is also a kind of laser punched fabric, woven by high-density technology, the surface of the fabric is compressed with many refractive particles, each dot will change color with the rotation of light position, play a scattering role of ultraviolet light. These two kinds of fabrics have the best UV protection effect, but the price is more expensive.

3, three fashion fabrics

Fat and thin silk, lace-like appearance, ultra-light and very beautiful, but the fabric of high transmittance, sunscreen effect is not good. Satin cloth is a satin fabric. It belongs to polyester, and its anti ultraviolet effect is weaker than that of silver coated fabric. There is also a kind of fabrics on the market called Pearl adhesive, which reflects UV light to a certain extent, and the effect of sunscreen is worse than that of silver-coated fabrics.

When buying umbrellas, brand products must be chosen. In general, regular manufacturers will use brand names in many places, such as the joints of umbrellas. In addition, the rain will corrode the anti UV coating. It is better to separate the sun umbrellas and umbrellas. If the umbrella is dirty, rinse it with water or gently rub it with your hands, otherwise, it will also affect the effect.